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The swinging pendulum of sexism arrives! Ladies, Men can get raped too. Remember that.

Just to put some perspective in this for those people who may be confused at how a guy can get a boner but not really be sexually charged, so to speak…

Ladies, you know how your nipples get hard for seemingly no reason (sans stepping into a cold room anyway)? You go to put on a shirt and your nipples are poking out like they haven’t seen daylight in over 40 years? Or you brush them up against something and BAMMO, nipple town? Or someone slaps you in the tits and they’re standing full mister?

You get where I’m going with this? Your sexual organs are built to respond to stimulus, be it one you personally find sexually gratifying or not.  Saying a dude who gets a boner while he’s otherwise not consenting to sex is lying about the fact would be like saying any girl who gets wet while getting raped is actually enjoying it/wants it.

so… you know… dont be stupid about this people. guys can get raped too and girls can most definitely be the fuckin perps.

People who think men don’t get raped are just as bad as the people who think men can’t control their urges to rape women. It happens less often, but it still happens, and it’s just as traumatizing for the male victim. You can’t just disregard a victim based on their gender.

Can we also include that females can rape other females and males can rape other males too?


All of the above.


Tumblr fandoms, as represented by Harry’s scar, Castiel’s eyes, Sherlock’s nose and cheekbones, Loki’s smile, and the Doctor’s bowtie.

When we come together, we become Kevin Bacon.

Well I mean it doesn’t look that much like Kevi-



and in that moment i swear we were all kevin bacon.

Kevin Bacon, centre of the universe.

What do you expect? His last name is Bacon.

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#I really want to take a second to praise David for his acting here #because all you need to do is look at his face and you can see that everything is absolutely horribly wrong #and the most terrible part is how subtle it is #he doesn’t look outright panicked or distraught #he looks passive #and that’s the worst expression the doctor can have #because at least when there’s fear or desperation you know he doesn’t want to give up #you know he’s going to fight and he’s going to keep trying #but this is resignation #pure resignation #he realizes exactly what’s happened and what has to happen and how much it is going to tear him apart #and that face says there is no other option #all he can do is let it happen #it burns him alive but he can’t show it #he knows he can’t because it’s going to be hard enough for her #and he needs to be strong here #he needs to shut down and be as cold and detached as he can get #because it’s better than letting the pain in #it’s better than showing her exactly how much this is going to kill him #because that will only make it worse #that face says more in its subtleties than it ever could in outright expression #bravo David #truly

Do you all remember that other time his face was completely blank?


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